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Dear Sir/Madam –


With high appreciation at the beginning, please accept cordial Thanks from the core of Sporsho Bangla family member’s heart for showing your interest about Sporsho Bangla Media Star Ltd. We are furnished with News Production | Media Entertainment Production & Event Management Company in Bangladesh along with highly skilled professionals.


Being an international reputable company we are planning to spread media and entertainment contents of Bengali Cultural Trends to whole over the world. We are giving opportunities to unnamed talents. Our online digital media goes directly to all over the international platforms.


The team of Sporsho Bangla Media Star Ltd has been running with highly talented and creative professionals. People with commitment, motivation and passion are getting invaluable preferences from Sporsho Bangla to produce Creative Media Productions & Memorable Events.


Sporsho Bangla Family has all the expertise under one roof needed to make successful execution for any media production or event arrangement services. From conception to completion, each project is treated with the same high standard of service and quality, irrespective in the size of amount.




We work with our clients, embracing their marketing and communication strategies to produce various types of events and entertainment productions that convey their key messages and values in a diverse and creative manner. Sporsho Bangla is proud of its strong client focus and long term business relationships. Sporsho Bangla Media Star Ltd. delivers appropriate, innovative and cost effective News & Media Entertainment Production with Event Management services and solutions.

Without compromising on upcoming final result Sporsho Bangla always keep strict rules and conditions in below points –

  1. Global Branding for Organization

2.Global Branding for Product

3.National & International both type of Branding for uprising organizations

4.Customer Satisfaction


Attention in detail, our good humored approach to the business and quality of work paired with years of industry experience make us the perfect choice to partner with to produce your next Event, Conference, Product Branding and Corporate Entertainment Production. Without these, Sporsho Bangla Media Star family members are taking concepts from different resources to focus it perfectly and giving fruitful support to execute it in Up to date News, Songs, Poems, Reciting, Drama, Short Tele Film, Tele Film, Movie etc. division.


We enclosed detailed information about us and what we do. You can catch us at – www.sporshobangla radio.com


Sporsho Bangla Media Star Ltd. Furnished with online News Portal, Radio, Television, Production House and also we provide professional Event Management service that delivers pro-active, innovative and tailored event management solution. We specialize in planning, implementing, managing, budgeting, domestic and international branding and successfully delivering events of the highest standard categories.


We create a global platform that helps people or product (For branding option) in to create a sustainable income source, and also manage the business. We also create sites that help general people to keep themselves up to date with the News of the whole world.


Nevertheless Sporsho Bangla Media Star Ltd. creating platform for consumers and fans to stay connected with their favorite artists and bands, enjoy the latest music, and stay up to date with the latest news and trends. We are making Films, giving opportunity to new artists to release album.


Moreover Sporsho Bangla giving –


  • Print Media backup


  • Electronic Media backup


  • Online Media Backup


  • Social Media Backup


As Sporsho Bangla Media Star Ltd. is a fully professional News/Media Entertainment Production House along with Event Management Service, so that we provide professional Conference Management Expertise and services. We specialize in below sectors –

  • News broadcast in Television & Radio


  • Entertainment broadcast in Television & Radio


  • Complete management solutions of technical and non-technical conferences


  • Arranging Workshops, Seminars, Concerts


  • Arranging Product Launching Program


  • Live program from Road Show’s etc.


To clear your confusion and giving a transparent idea about our thought below sectional service perspectives enclose for your quick reference.




  • Intensify Branding awareness with on screen advertisement benefits in –


  1. Sporsho Bangla TV
  2. Sporsho Bangla Radio


  1. Sporsho Bangla News Portal


  1. Sporsho Bangla’s co-operative Newspaper
  2. Sporsho Bangla Event Management



  • Drive Footfall and transparent business solution


  • Increase Dwell Time


  • Customer Retention


  • Encourage Spend back


  • Reward existing customer base


  • Deliver Innovative Promotional Campaigns


  • Tactically target surrounding catchment areas


  • Tactically attract new consumers from surrounding areas


  • Complement each centers existing Marketing Mix and Public related campaigns


  • Provide best support with cost efficiencies for News & Media Entertainment Production


  • Branding a product from manufacturing machine to global door





Sporsho Bangla Media Star Ltd believes –



Sporsho Bangla offers kind of objective and practical assistance that can generate benefit for the organizations involved in –

  • News or Entertainment Contents producing
  • Events developing and operating event venues from beginning to end


Before proceed for business tie up or expediting work with any organization we do below things as mandatory homework from our side –

  • Strategic Planning


  • Facilitation


  • Program Evaluations


  • Organizational & Core Function Analysis


  • Policy analysis & development


  • Orientation & Training Programs


  • Guest Relations & Sponsorship Programs


  • General Management Consulting




Planning Section


  • Analyzing & Defining Event Objectives


  • Concept Development along with clients choice


  • Budgeting


  • Event Design


  • Theme Providing
  • Site Selection


  • Negotiations


  • Risk Management


  • Administration



Programming Section


  • Entertainment


  • Speakers


  • Seminars


  • Facilitators


  • Training Sessions


  • Contests


  • Special Events


  • Tours


  • Pyrotechnics


Production Section


  • Catering


  • Hospitality


  • Staging


  • Sound & Lighting


  • Multi-Media Prompt Supports


  • Special Effects


  • Décor


  • Costuming


Promotion Section


  • Publicity


  • Advertising


  • Promotional Materials


  • Media Relations


  • Sponsorships


  • Incentives


  • Corporate Gifts


  • Registration


Sporsho Bangla Media Star Ltd provides its clients with spectacular satisfactory results through creativity and uniqueness based on individual tastes and preferences.


Whether the News Production | Media Entertainment Production | Event Arrangement is corporate or social, Sporsho Bangla is always hold your hand tightly for incorporating innovative concepts, creative themes or ideas, design layouts and planning with the ultimate goal of making your design-specific event a most elegant, unique and memorable experience.


To assure the most spectacular event of a client’s choice, industries are reaching to us to effectively plan and conduct their events. Our services are designed to meet their creative needs as well.


Up to yesterday companies and organizations assigned responsibility for planning of events to someone within their company or organization. But today, more and more companies and organizations are seeking to hire professionals such as Sporsho Bangla Media Star Ltd. who have displayed the talent, expertise and attention to detail to ensure a successful company event being achieved and enjoyed by all participants and attendees.


We have an experienced team of marketing experts, programmers, designers, and event management experts, legal experts in Bangladesh, India, Europe and United States of America. We are hiring new representatives in different cities and also partnering with new labels and other companies as we grow. Currently we are operating in Bangladesh, India, Europe and USA.


Below is a brief biography of our core managerial executive team.


  • Tariqul Islam Shibly
  • Chief Executive Officer

 Sporsho Bangla Media Star Ltd

Mr. Shibly doesn’t need introduction to represent him. More than eight years he has been continuing his profession as a Journalist in Print & Electronic media too. Not only that, but also he is one of the greatest Debater and Debate Arranger in Bangladesh. Also he is a well organizer & Founder Chairman Of Projonmo Debate Club.Projonmo Debate Club is working currently as a successful and estublished Debate club.


This is all about Sporsho Bangla Media Star Ltd.

We are eagerly waiting to hear further response from you soon.


Thanking You –



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